Do you accept walk-ins? 

- We do not accept walk ins. to better accommodate our clients, and provide the safest work environment for our staff, salon services are available by appointment only. Click here to book. 

is there a waitlist for cancellations?

- not at this time! 

can i get acrylic? do you do extensions? 

- the salon at marche does not work with acrylic in any form. this includes but is not limited to dip powder, gel powder, hard gel etc. you are required to have any of these removed prior to your scheduled appointment at the salon. if you would like to have your acrylic removed with us, a one time consultation can be scheduled in order to determine the health of your nails . click here to schedule a consultation. 

- although we don't offer acrylic extensions, we do work with Aprés gel x tensions. these extensions utilize soft gel technology and are easier on  the overall health of your nails.

can I get Aprés x tensions for my "look of the month" manicure?

- the monthly nail special is available for gel manicures only. if you'd like to get Aprés x tensions and the look of the month, you can book an Aprés manicure and select a tier 2  add on from the drop down menu.

 i have an issue with my manicure. what should i do?

- if you are experiencing any issues with your manicure please email marchenailstudio@gmail.com with a photo of your damaged/chipped nail. 

For regular polish we offer a 24 hour grace period for you to come in and get it fixed free of charge. 4 days for gel polish and  7 days For Aprés.

my appointment is at 9am but i got to the store and realized it isn't open until 12pm. What do i do?

- salon services are available prior to the store opening which offers the opportunity to get your nails done in a quiet and even more personalized environment. the front door will be locked before 12pm. if you get to the store and don't spot your tech, just give the store a call at 347-414-5436.

in order to get the most accurate response and streamline your nail services, please email us with any questions at marchenailstudio@gmail.com