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Let's get started! 

We are a luxury, full-service nail studio specializing in art, enhancements, and overall nail health. 

Please note that we do not work with acrylic in the studio and do not typically remove it. If you are wearing any form of acrylic on your nails (including dip powder, gel powder, etc.) removal will be in the form of a one-hour consultation. 

During this time your nail technician will remove your acrylic or hard gel and assess the condition of your nails before discussing which services will be available based on your nail health. 


Get personalized guidance on nail care and how we can help you reach your nail goals. Includes a polish-free manicure. Recommended if you are not sure what to book or would like to plan for a special event. 


Are you choosing art as part of your service? If so, you will need to book based on tier. When in doubt, it is always better to book one tier up to reserve enough time. During your appointment, your nail tech will review your design and adjust your tier and pricing accordingly.

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Simple, one-step nail art such as French manicure, single dots, line work, charms, and foils. Tier 2 accent nails (1 nail each)

fall into Tier 1.


Intermediate nail art such as swirls, full chrome, ombré, multi-colored French, and multiple charms. Tier 3 accent nails (1 nail only) falls into Tier 2.


Extravagant nail art such as textured nails, isolated chrome, dried flowers, logos, piercings, hand-painted faced, and florals.

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Can't decide what you want? Birthday coming up?

Or do you have a very specific idea for your next insta-worthy set and just need someone to execute it?


Let our nail artists assist you in creating your dream nails.


This is the service to book for all the bells and whistles or for your next special event. Includes our signature gel mani and art of your choice.

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